Graphic Spolier Alert
Thanks for coming to my site! I see because you are here that you are also amazingly well endowed.

Well, I like drawing and I’m a bit of a movie buff, so why not combine the two? My plan is to review movies both old and new plus a few underrated gems.

These reviews are A LOT of work and I have to fit them around doing ‘proper’ work. So if you are reading this and happen to be a millionaire, or married to a millionaire, or sleeping with a millionaire or related to a millionaire or have just robbed a bank, then why not sponsor my decadent life of drawing cartoons and feeding a cat.

Also, if you have any suggestions as to a movie you’d really like to see reviewed then by all means get in touch. If I get a few requests for a particular movie then I’ll review it.

Thanks for the visit, I hope you enjoy my work and I hope to see you again soon!

Do I do this in the first or third person? Tokyosexwhale (ah, it’s the third) is a freelance illustrator & animator who’s worked in movies, games and TV.

Feel free to contact him regarding commissions, quotes or just to say, hi.

PS There is also a Canadian band called Tokyo Sexwhale. They’re kind of surf rockers and Canadian. Check them out. I should state that I had the name long before them and have thus obtained all the usual default emails (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo) so from time to time I do get emails from fans and promoters either congratulating me on a great show or enquiring when I can be booked. This does my ego the world of good as I take credit and adulation from wherever I can. Sometimes, I must admit, I’m almost tempted to cause some sexy havoc…

PPS Of course the name actually derives from Tokyo Sexwale the current South African Minister of Human Settlements. He’s a billionaire, politician, anti-apartheid activist, former political prisoner and surf rocker. His name is funny.